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Welcome to the future of affordable residential energy!
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Waterless Wood Furnace    


Welcome to the 2105/2016 Heating season!
Early Bird Sale has begun!

Call Today 866.878.4922

Save $200 if you order by July 4th*

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Financing Available

As you may know we are not included in the current EPA ban on wood stoves. We are included in the "Large Forced Air Forced Furnace" category. This allows us to continue current production through 2017 and with testing, possibly 2020. We simply have to include a manual, explaining the safe burning practices.

We are happy to be an alternative to the high priced boilers, that most of which, are currently under the EPA ban.

Its great to be starting a new season! Talk to you soon.

* Offer not valid on pickup orders


Mourning those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation!

God Bless the U.S.A.


Here is the NEW EPA rule set to go in affect in March, if you understand Government lingo and political rhetoric, feel free to read it. If you are just looking to understand what it all means to you, and Hopsco Energy, follow the link below or click the EPA info tab, to the left.


On February 3, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated its clean air standards for residential wood heaters to make new heaters significantly cleaner and improve air quality in communities where people burn wood for heat. The updates, which are based on improved wood heater technology, strengthen the emissions standards for new woodstoves, while establishing the first-ever federal air standards for previously unregulated new wood heaters, including outdoor and indoor wood-fired boilers (also known as hydronic heaters), indoor wood-fired forced air furnaces, and single burn-rate woodstoves. The final rule, known as New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), will phase in emission limits over a five-year period, beginning this year. The standards apply only to new wood heaters and will not affect wood heaters already in use in homes.


Well, the groundhog has doomed us again!
6 more weeks of winter!

6 weeks of winter means 6 weeks to save.....
Tax Season
Season Ending Sales
Inventory Reduction
Spring Fever Sale

No Gimmicks here...Sorry

Call it what you want, but we are here to save you money, and save you from the high cost of heating your home.

Call Today! 866-878-4922


A forced air wood furnace is different from a boiler or water stove, because it does not heat water or require chemicals to operate. An "air stove" provides heat to your home by radiating the heat from the fire through steel and trapping it inside a sealed chamber which then is pressurized by a large blower, sending the hot air into the house, therefore eliminating the need for your electrical or gas furnace. Air stoves are more energy efficient as well due to the fact that it requires considerably less energy to heat air than water.

Hopsco Air Stoves are available in 2 models and are custom ordered by you, to meet the exact needs of your home, workshop, or business. As we progress into new ways to free ourselves from high energy costs and fossil fuels, Hopsco Air stoves provide an affordable and dependable option for your heating needs.

Be sure to browse the pictures, videos, specs using the tabs to the left.

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We are finally ready for the holidays, and thank you all for your support and patience over the past 4 or 5 months. Our families have also been very patient with us, and deserve our time, and attention for the holidays.

Check the contact info to the left side of the page, as you can usually get answers to any questions, nearly any time of the day using text and email service.
Holiday phone hours starting Friday 11.21.14
866-878-4922 will go to the following-

Ohio Factory Office (Scott and Joy)
 8am to 430pm EST
Kansas Factory Rep (Darby)
 330pm to 700pm CST
Service and Install Assistance  will go to
(Existing Customers Only)
7 Days 8am to 8pm (Scott and Darby)

God Bless you all and Happy Holidays!

From Scott and the Hopsco Staff!

I wanted to take a moment, and thank ALL the wonderful people that have blessed us here at Hopsco over the years. Everyday, we meet and talk to new people in our great country, that are just trying to make it through the current difficult times and tough economic situation. We hope everyone is ready for winter and  continues to trust us with your heating needs.

Have a wonderful day!



It seems like forever since I updated the website. We are currently building 15 units a week and trying our best to keep under 3 weeks backorder. That doesn't allow me much time to update the site. Please call, email, or text any questions you have that are not answered here. Please read the FAQ page as well, as it may answer most of your questions. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Scott and Staff

A letter from Eric-
Dear Scott,

I wanted to send you a heart felt THANK YOU for all you have done to help me with the hook up of my stove. I must of talked to you on the phone 5 times and have emailed each other 10 times, you even answered me on the weekend. Even though I did not buy the stove new from you, you treated me as if I was your own customer. Anyone should feel confident buying a stove from you knowing the...y will get great customer service, for you to treat me this way even though I didn't buy the stove from you shows me the type of person you are, and business you run. I thought that was amazing enough, until just recently when you realized the stove I purchased wasn't even one of your stoves, and yet you STILL continued to help me figure out how to get it hooked up and figure out the wiring mess. People looking to buying a stove defiantly can buy with confidence knowing they are buying from a guy/ business dedicated to customer satisfaction. Its nice to know there are still people/business's like you/yours still left in America.

Thanks Eric M
Wauzeka, WI
Without Trucks, America Stops!

Like Hot Cakes!!
Current Inventory is Depleted
Call to get on the build schedule!


It has been brought to our attention that the quote form on the Pricing page is not working for everyone. If you get an error when submitting the form, please email Scott@airstove.com and I will return your email with pricing to include shipping. Please send zip code, square footage, and insulation level 1-10.

Thanks and we are working to fix the problem.



Summer is here, and the A/C is running! We are looking at another cold winter ahead and to get prepared we are running sales, giving shipping discounts where we can and using financing and lay-away to make sure everyone that wants an AirStove can get one. We are here and happy to help in anyway we can. Give us a call, text, or email anytime to check out our service, ask questions, or find stoves in your area to visit.
Contact info is to the left in the side bar.

Have a great week!
Scott and Staff


Here we go!!! Orders are coming in, and the season is under way. Give us a call and lets discuss your options to break the chains of propane, electric, and fuel oil heat.

We look forward to talking with you!

Scott and staff

We are back in the office, after a short break, and it appears things are going to pick up early this year. We appreciate all the referrals from friends and family. We love to write referral checks to existing customers, for spreading the good word, about the AirStove.

Lay-away available
Financing available
Cash pickup pricing available (45863)

Please do not hesitate to-
Call 866-878-4922
 (Please leave message, if no answer)
Text 419-965-8999
Email- Scott@airstove.com

We are here and ready to build your AirStove for delivery within 1 week, which allows plenty of time to install before fall arrives.

Have a Blessed day!



No signs of slowing down! Please let us know if you have any questions, by using the various options to the left in the side bar, to contact us.
Dont forget we have LAY-AWAY to help you pay over the spring and summer and be ready receive your stove before filling that tank again in the fall, or to prevent another high priced heating season next winter.


Scott, just finished installing the stove into the house and all I can say is WOW. This is the best heat we have had in the twelve years we have lived here. Everything works great and it was a very easy install. You can bet I will be telling everyone about this beauty. Thank You for a high quality well built and designed wood furnace, it is everything you say it is and more.
Al & Jen
Sullivan, MO


Affordable, Reliable, and Proven!!

- A Better system for a Better Experience!   

Please use the links to the left to navigate your way around the site. If you would rather do your research in more conventional ways please take note of our contact information below.

By Mail-
Hopsco Energy Products
P.O. Box 281
Middle Point, OH.

By Phone-Toll Free

By Email

-We also offer-

-No Interest-
90 days Same as Cash
6 Months Same as Cash

Standard Financing
Lay-away Program



How good is the service?

Mr. Jordan tells you-

Hey scott its t. jordan i got the stove today and i am very impressed with the quality... pictures on your website dont give it justice i cant wait to get it running and all i can say is bring on the snow. Your company is a A++ company To deal with thank you so much for all ur help and i will send pictures when i get it up and running thanks man. T. jordan in N.C.

Sent from my iPhone


We replaced a US Stove with a Hopsco AirStove. Hear the difference not only in the stove, but the service. Thanks Richard and Leo!


-Most recent customer feedback-

Thank you for all your help! Service is good & product is even better!!
We have tile floors throughout the entire house and I haven't been able to go across the floor in my bare feet for the last 2 winters...
Its amazing how warm the floors are!
Been looking for an outdoor wood stove for a long time, my best friend had one, seen it, liked it, bought it!! Very Happy with it!
I would highly recommend you to anybody!
Very satisfied with your product and service....
Jerry C & Tammie M- Greenwood, Indiana

There are quite a few wood boilers in this area,and your furnace is superior and a lot cheaper. When I looked into the boiler system,I couldn't get away with less than $8,000.00+ not to mention all the work involved in the installation
Keep up the good work,and I hope you sell thousands of furnaces.

 Bob F.- Rayland, Ohio
Hi Scott! We wanted to post another testimonial but couldn't figure out how to do it so we thought we'd email it to you ! Thank you so much for helping us so quickly with our issue! And for being there for us at the drop of a hat! It's great to be able to get ahold of you without having to wait! That means so much to us ! Thanks again for your speedy response!
Bill and Valerie S.-New Paris, PA.


Bob Beam of Brutespeed.com is a repeat customer of ours and is ordering his second unit to heat a new building. He has done a great job of keeping his installation and experience with the unit, documented on his site. You can see it all at the link below.


-Received this message from a customer-

Just want u to know I have now had my heater through the first winter and for sure this was the second best decision I have ever made in purchasing the heater. (First best is my wife of 41 years and counting) . If I can ever help u in central Alabama feel free to call on me.

J. Adams
Childersburg, Alabama

We received a service call concerning the stove not getting hot. The customer after some basic trouble shooting over the phone found the issue. A bird had found its way to the furthest reaches of the stove and was lodged in the induction fan, preventing the blower from stoking the fire.
That is a first!


The product and support are always outstanding. It is always just one call to get the right answers. Never ANY worries with the AirStove products or staff. I like things done right, and the first time. Scott brings that every time, WITH CLASS .... If you want to be a name, not a number, AirStove is where you need to be buying your alternative heating equipment.

 Thank You, Christa


=Email from a customer=
"Hello Scott. You returned an e-mail of mine a couple of months ago when I was comparing your product with a couple others out there. The other guys didn’t bother ever getting back to me which has helped me in making my decision."



The stove is performing well, burning all oak keeping the house in the mid 70's with only one armload of wood per day  thanks again for a way to save 2-3 k per year in propane costs.

Dan and Jody-
Foley MN.


   I’m just now getting back with you on how the new furnace is doing.   Big problems, either you under estimate the square footage or I really insulated my house well or both (neither is a bad thing, if you have extra heat it’s a lot better than not getting enough).  I’ll just add some supply and return to the shop.  We have not had any really bad weather this year, on the few 20 degree night the furnace would go for 16 hours before I got back home and had a little wood left.  

   Installation was easy enough even though I did call a few time for my lack of heating knowledge.  I need to work on my flue drafting after the winter but it does work great and I use less wood then I did in the years past with longer intervals before filling.  While I do need to heat the shop some with the extra heat produced it was not a problem to open the door to the 3000 sq ft shop to keep the temp in the house under 75 during the days while at home. 

   I have three other people that are interested and might be contacting you before the next winter.   


Northeast Arkansas


This slideshow was sent in by Mark T.-

 This is one of the nicest installs ever!

Mark said-"The semi-cold weather is here so I got a chance to use the ODF1500 furnace I installed this summer. Let me tell you, this thing works great! Our house has never been so warm. I'm confident when the below zero weather gets here, we'll stay nice and toasty. Here are some pictures of the installation. Thanks for answering all the questions I had during the install. In fact, I really appreciated receiving my answers within minutes via your live chat. A+ customer service!"

Mark T. in Hines, Oregon


Another Great Looking Install by Jason B. in Wisconsin

And another install by Jeff W. in North Carolina

" Really appreciate your help and input. It's just now getting cold enough to run the thing, but have had a couple of chances to run it for three days straight when it temps went down for a few days. So far it's terrific. If you see anything that needs attention, let me know. Links","insertdate":"Insert Date","insertemaillink":"Insert Email Link","insertformbutton":"Insert Button","insertformcheckbox":"Insert Checkbox","insertformelement":"Insert Form Element","insertformform":"Insert Form","insertformhidden":"Insert Hidden","insertformpassword":"Insert Password","insertformradio":"Insert Radio","insertformreset":"Insert Reset","insertformselect":"Insert Select","insertformsubmit":"Insert Submit","insertformtext":"Insert Textbox","insertformtextarea":"Insert Textarea","insertgroupbox":"Insert Groupbox","inserthorizontalrule":"Horizontal Rule","insertorderedlist":"Numbered List","insertparagraph":"New Paragraph","insertrowabove":"Insert Row Above","insertrowbelow":"Insert Row Below","insertsnippet":"Insert Code Snippet","insertsymbol":"Insert Symbol","inserttable":"Insert Table","inserttime":"Insert Time","insertunorderedlist":"Bullet List","italic":"Italic","justifycenter":"Align Center","justifyfull":"Justify","justifyleft":"Align Left","justifynone":"Remove alignment","justifyright":"Align Right","linkmanager":"Hyperlink Manager","insertlink":"Insert Link","links":"Links","media":"Media Pane","mediamanager":"Media Manager","mergecolumns":"Merge Cells Horizontally","mergerows":"Merge Cells Vertically","modulemanager":"Module Manager","outdent":"Outdent","pageproperties":"Page Properties","paragraph":"Paragraph","paste":"Paste",sdialog":"Track Changes","underline":"Underline","undo":"Undo","unlink":"Remove Link","view":"View","xhtmlvalidator":"XHTML Validator","zoom":"Zoom","blank":"New Window","parent":"Parent Window","search":"Search Pane","self":"Same Window","top":"Browser Window","action":"Action","align":"Alignment","alt":"ToolTip","bgcolor":"Background","border":"Border Width","bordercolor":"Border color","cellpadding":"CellPadding","cellspacing":"CellSpacing","classname":"Classname","cols":"Columns","doctype":"Select Doctype","dominspectorremoveelement":"RemoveElement","expandvalidator":"Expand Report Pane","height":"Height","href":"URL","id":"Id","name":"Name","nodeinspectorinvalidvalue":"Invalid value. Please enter a number.","nodeinspectorselectedelement":"The selected element is ","nowrap":"Nowrap","radeditordominspector":"Tag Inspector","radeditorhtmlinspector":"Real-Time HTML View","radeditornodeinspector":"Properties Inspector","radeditorstatistics":"Statistics","radeditorxhtmlvalidator":"XHTML Validator","rows":"Rows","statisticscharacters":"Characters:","statisticswords":"Words:","target":"Target","title":"ToolTip","validatexhtml":"Validate XHTML","valign":"Vertical Alignment","value":"Value","width":"Width"},"ajaxSpellCheckScriptReference":"/WebResource.axd?d=q-ZHrLPSGbB9GyNPZ8oKFFHasqGc0oRNhaXP3jIojsJLhSr77TLFh1cX8YTijm_NiukjLaiWxyUYHWwS3o4IhfD-hECEqRyOg7jkRok8wB `D�:��,E��N7���b��N�����"����N(P8y����'K`p�e��} � N�eg���x�x���������0��c]�[�W������I��G9�V�(�%_�%0��|��"X�F3RSDȜ��EG�F$�~<�J(��k cx��VC��ݍ��q�� ���C���C��I��`�{DZ��ҧQ�c�Zw�(�r%*d����OA��i��'��w�,��M�~��� Ņґ�a\HyS�Ά*����TZCԑa��(*�g� ��[灎s$B� ��`^�i�Y;��9�����h�Y�M����끸)KF:1�eK�#K ��<���?�\|�*�;���P_Ӻ���g�"2<�Pi(����H/yzY��q����x���}aR�s���w�6�摚z�69�a�>���=�ᦩQ���p�������j��%G��*ҫ��-����Mk����۝�,ϐ��}��g5��:��H�x�Z��������c�\L��$C�� �Hv�m���mÚ����&��ym��e�ᓸh�T��Va����|���x�aQ;N����]k=�ҿ�F�[� �Ί�ԖY��Y�:���#���{wY����tUZ�ڢQ%��<��Mr!�Ց��b]��[DXjr�$@�r�7��2*Պ�-��&�Y�jr��/�3d2O�����oɈo�.��c�Y�i�3��T�V��g��_!��ں��<���C����/� �21 �t�;���evu/g��Fð:'5�)<"��J=��RF�:<�V��TK�U;]-��8V��ijC�0�6Rڮ=�VЯ���O��!�<*�;���o���0ݲ�Gҏu���=��^��dow���]'���|��<�wu�5o�/��n�R�n�܌�V���-kvm����;��;�.5�3�s˯*��̞��K�͠G�a�ȧ}r]�P��k5��Ј�c���ɦ���2���W϶E�-eP�/0���;͟�FW���rߑ�[J~�U����{�V?��@;_�6�h�f��>���R�q���l@����qs|[���PR��)Y�!�� !��-I��3�mIAv��������lpI��a�O����r�}���U˦㇍�S8�b~�ɢ�N�ta�7���]�K�T�[˒( �&���S��ҳ�O0���b>��~s��"���?{����o���{u��n��i�N����k7�uՔ����6r�Y8��;�zR��i�g�������W��ʔ���bh��P�U�~=����_�`��tH���G�N��4)$������-9lCA�d5{^΋��f[CQ���۸Z�G��|Ϳ۵���l�M\8j��t"YJ�6�jE�]�,�MF� %��-1�Q܅3�TfX�~�R�*ƇK�� �գ:]W '� <�a13:49:  You: I have 72.5 in here. 4320 sq ft. Ranch with open basement & garage 24 x30 . Garage is at 69. 
10:14:27:  Scott: Awesome! That is the way it is supposed to work.
10:16:48:  You: I went out & picked up dead oak yesterday. They were 3-4 " diameter. Put in 6-7 pieses at 9:30. Induction fan never came on until this mornig!! Had One full piece left & lot of good coals.
10:17:19:  Scott: That is not much wood at all.
10:18:06:  Scott: Whats nice about the coals is that you can just chuck some more wood in and forget about it for a while
10:18:37:  Scott: Well, I am glad you are happy.
10:20:35:  You: I know. Dead stuff burns a little hotter though. I put a slider vent in garage. Ran pipe full lenth of basement. Put 4 vents in upper & an 8 inch in basement. Can close off if needed. Left 5 for heat Pump if we are away. I'll let you know if I am not happy. Ha! Ha!
10:20:58:  Scott: I am sure you will!!!!
10:21:09:>�>�7�4�aݦ�{M�J��?����8ć�n��w���1�N�:�m��GP$�¦ahFJ�(��y��Þ�b�U&qjM�N;2]��+��V6���&��c4跘6D� %e�X�Ʋ�V�][{��O�����)��Y�����{S��[,� ӯ�X�~��2yN��{{-�ʢ���~�l'�1��Eظ�5 �"��ī6���b8;8�F�8�D�h�C�� >� ���@�|����e�('0kؤ���]��g�>�8X�h/��gC �?O?�P�KF���y��W4���b�7Ax�z�4�-�Ie{{��Ux7�G�����I\�������`uќ�w�8�Lq�������%���i����X��J���B����������f��J���j5�'��;�?a��9��'(5l�C�9��4Ɛ���մ��EA�?����1�80�_�����œ�h�}f����Yk���P[[��� 6D��KI/Q���A��������,F���� T"�!�'���g��9lH ��v�} �~g1,��V��<%�y��I��P5�1�OE�c�Z1�}��E�C5x"1�����_��b�����G+%�Q������1��c)��L�M��V\+iO��9�C)z�����2�\�h�K�{�Uq+�$.���.�̓��X$�6����@�AK5�JQŔ�V�c^)\�9�/�.��΂vK& ���X�t�Ex�2-?G1��O��f���J�G�Q�; �T�@p�����ҳ��z��r���RcDd���L.����r g~�鏒���]�VH��&G���,?o2δP.\ L�Qbr�����!���<�2���`�� �I����&�؎4lp�h����AO���_@�P+4< ��=�ғ "��h����\�V4G��@�F��R�#БE��P}p6:?�i�eLG��(�����&A�Dc�,8�f5(Ê�F �n2[�����9�,N��NpO��s-����&ւb�?�m �}A��U z�iP�2~������G�D!���u �i��Nv"9�d��f�ʳ��@@���b�Ё�k��s���4����؊Lֵ�R��ͪ鲛^#r�Hdx�����yx\���$������h�,[��$Q0K�L���_�CqB��8o��e�~��g1#��hU5�LNN��5��#�%��͏�ɞ��ēKw���|��1V��E����{�e9�,���]� ����h1CI�Q��6�����.�D��v���"�G�p��`v���h���?�Zp� ������?1�J*���S��~���7�27��b`��Pm��#ݧ�i��0��}�^·n�S�ȉ�&`c helvetica, "sans serif"; font-size: 20px;">



Pictures of "Your Options"

Option #1 Home Made

Option #2 Watered Down / Over Priced

Option #3

Airstove Technology

The Power of Hot Air on the Move!

Call Today 866-878-4922

-Our Favorite Customer Quotes-

"7000 bucks for a water thing and that doesn't include the installation! I was wondering if that came with some VASELINE!!"

Shannon K. in  Kansas

"Thank you Scott, pencil me in for the chrome one with the gold flake paint!!"

Fred, Lansing MI.

"Scott, You are the first person to treat me like a person and that means a great deal to me. I would like to write your company to tell them of the professionalism and personable experience. Thank You"

Also Fred, Lansing MI.

"If I had a dollar for every water furnace I have seen I could buy 2 of your air stoves. Where have you been all my life." Tim, Mi.

"Why is your price so low?" Ollie, Tn.

"She said its too hot in here. That is a change from last winter." Dustin, Pa.

"Will your unit heat a 100,000 square foot house trailer?" Unknown

"So let me get this right......... You can ship it to me, ready to install for 1/3 the price I was going to pay for the boiler?" Gus, WV