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Airstove waterless outdoor furnace is an outdoor wood furnace that is different from a boiler or water stove, because it does not heat water or require chemicals to operate. An "air stove" provides heat to your home by radiating the heat from the fire through steel and trapping it inside a sealed chamber which then is pressurized by a large blower, sending the hot air into the house, therefore eliminating the need for your electrical or gas furnace. Air stoves are more energy efficient as well due to the fact that it requires considerably less energy to heat air than water.

Hopsco Air Stoves are available in 2 models and are custom ordered by you, to meet the exact needs of your home, workshop, or business. As we progress into new ways to free ourselves from high energy costs and fossil fuels, Hopsco Air stoves provide an affordable and dependable option for your heating needs.