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‚Äč-Actual Chat Transcript-
Kenneth P. in Pennsylvania

10:06:45:  Scott: Good Morning!
10:10:50:  Scott: You must be typing a book
10:10:52:  You: GOOD morning. Got down to 23 last night .
First time I ever got up & had wood in furnace!!!! The lil old junk (Lil House heater)I had, burned it up!!! Went 8 hours. I know its not cold yet but I did a lot of documenting on the Lil old Junk heater
10:11:38:  Scott: What was the thermostat on in the house?
10:13:49:  You: I have 72.5 in here. 4320 sq ft. Ranch with open basement & garage 24 x30 . Garage is at 69. 
10:14:27:  Scott: Awesome! That is the way it is supposed to work.
10:16:48:  You: I went out & picked up dead oak yesterday. They were 3-4 " diameter. Put in 6-7 pieses at 9:30. Induction fan never came on until this mornig!! Had One full piece left & lot of good coals.
10:17:19:  Scott: That is not much wood at all.
10:18:06:  Scott: Whats nice about the coals is that you can just chuck some more wood in and forget about it for a while
10:18:37:  Scott: Well, I am glad you are happy.
10:20:35:  You: I know. Dead stuff burns a little hotter though. I put a slider vent in garage. Ran pipe full lenth of basement. Put 4 vents in upper & an 8 inch in basement. Can close off if needed. Left 5 for heat Pump if we are away. I'll let you know if I am not happy. Ha! Ha!
10:20:58:  Scott: I am sure you will!!!!
10:21:09:  Scott: Thanks for the update
10:21:22:  You: Talk  Later
10:21:32:  Scott: Have a good day Ken

Customer Response

This page is our customer feedback page. This is unbiased information directly from our customer surveys that are returned, after delivery.

It is a survey that also contains a comment box, for customers to suggest changes, and comment on the service, quality, and overall thoughts on the entire purchasing, communication and delivery process.


What could we do differently to benefit future customers?

-You should set up at county fairs to get your product out to compete.

-Watch closer on packing.

-A network of dealers.

-Provide a list of necessary parts for installation above what is listed. Tape, Piping, and Fasteners.

-Cant think of Anything. Great Job.

-The installation guide was helpful, but left questions. Firebrick, thermostat, and how blower works.

-You did a great job!

-Dont know. You are good at what you do.

-More distributors in Missouri

-Better crating. Maybe something forklift proof? HaHa

-Keep up the good work!

-Supply 10 inch piping so that local suppliers can not charge so much to special order. Nice Job otherwise!

-Scott is the most personal owner of any company I have ever worked with. I would only change one thing. Scott should be running my company. Many thanks and God Bless-

-Keep it up! Great Job Guys!

-The crating was good but should be reinforced with steel to prevent forklift from smashing the door handles and light. Maybe just mine, but an idea to think about.


Question- What did you think of the overall purchasing process?


-Very Good

-Very & Efficient

-Very Good- Scott was very good to help all my questions.


-It was good


-Very Helpful- Excellent

-Very Nice, helpful, Polite, on time I like the availability on phone.


-Scott was very helpful, overall experience was pretty fair.

-Great never been so Easy

-It was great

-It was good and well communicated with Scott

Chat Exit Survey Results-


5- Extremely Satisfied

Your overall experience with Hopsco: : 5

The site was easy to use: : 5

We were helpful: : 5

We answered your question quickly: : 4.5

You were satisfied with the answers you were given: :4

What are the chances you will purchase an AirStove:: 4

How likely are you to recommend us to others:: 4

When you were given the price, were you pleased:: 3.5

Comments- (After Chat Session)

-I have just started investigating wood furnance options...so not sure if I will purchase AirStove or not...or any wood furnance for that matter...not sure what we are going to do. Price is fine...again...nothing to really compare it to! :0) It was nice to get an answer right away!!

-Scott was super helpful in answering my questions. He really knows his stuff and was very nice and conversational in his responses instead of making me feel like I was talking to automated responses.

-Very pleasant chat. Put 4 on Price because I'm cheap or hate to part with Money I guess.

-I was extremely please with how the chat feature worked. i highly recommend it. Also i was pleased with how well things were explained to me.

-Can't say as though i would recommend a product i've never used to anyone so left that a 3. I was a little disappointed that the sight didn't have prices listed, but the fact that you have online support and that there was actually somebody there to answer my questions definately was a plus.

-Good info  still comparing prices and effficency   thanks so much

-Quick and honest answeres. My only concern is hooking it up.

-Scott was very helpful and answered my questions quickly and accurately.  It was a great experience live chatting with him.

-Very convenient--thanks