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Hopsco Energy Products has a smooth and seamless ordering process. It begins with a phone call and answers to all your questions and concerns. This call will more than likely be with Scott orJoy who give you the utmost attention, and treats you with class and respect. After all your questions and concerns are taken care of, the order will be placed on a secure land line phone and processed immediately. You will need the following information to place your order-
Full Name
Payment type
(Check# CC# Debit Card, Postal MO)
2 Phone Numbers
Shipping Address
Billing Address
Email Address
Immediately upon payment you will have secured your spot on the build schedule, and an anticipated shipping date will be given. A receipt for your payment will be emailed, or mailed the same day as your purchase. A tracking email will be generated on the morning of your shipment and emailed to you. You will receive a call from the freight company the day before delivery to set an appointment for the delivery. You (or someone) will need to be present at delivery to verify the unit was not damaged in shipment.

Once the unit arrives your owners packet and warranty information will be packed inside the unit. All Hopsco customers receive a special toll free number that can be used for installation assistance, or general service questions 7 days a week, for your peace of mind.

Service after the sale is at a level that most are not familiar with. DO NOT FEEL STRANDED. As a customer, we work for you. If that means Saturday night at 9 o'clock, then so be it. We would rather help you anytime, than leave you guessing or assuming, which can lead to frustration or anger. Do not hesitate to call the 7 day number anytime. Remember "the only dumb question is the one that didn't get asked".

If this does not explain it well enough, please refer to the FAQ page found in the tab above, labeled "AirStove FAQ"

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Hopsco Energy Products is known for doing things a little differently as you may have already found online. We pride ourselves in the best customer service in the industry and quality product that is as good or better than any on the market.

Our pricing is not standard, nor is it specific to any one customer. With our service area being the entire United States and Canada, it is impossible to have a set price, or a buy it now option.

We ship 90% of our AirStoves out of North West Ohio and shipping prices change daily with fuel surcharges and rural and residential fees. We can do different things with the price of the AirStove to offset high shipping costs or sales tax laws. The quickest and most secure way to buy is direct communication with the manufacturer, as this helps us get an idea of your needs and you get A1 service from the owners of the company.

If you are ready to request a price quote it is simple. We need the following form filled out and submitted and will try our best to get you a price within 30 minutes. Some areas take up to an hour depending on the area in which you live, and the shipping lanes required to deliver to you.



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Hopsco Price Request

Please fill out all areas. Dont be afraid to ask questions.