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My Neighbor just got his "Little House" Running last night, the
differences between the two stoves is extreme. He wishes he would have
spent the extra 600.00 to get a Hopsco...Had mine running since Sunday,
This is my retirement home and is small but my wife is
amazed with the even heat and warm floor.

I love the stove!!!

Bob in Buffalo, NY

Here is an email if you would like to post it on your website. Please
feel free to edit or to post it in any format that fits your site the
best. Thank you for everything, and I hope you and yours have a blessed holiday

I had been in the market for an outdoor wood burning stove for about the
last two years. In that time frame, I had researched many alternatives and
many types of stoves, but I just could not come up with one that would
fill my needs and meet my budget. At this point, I had decided that I
wanted an air stove, not a huge outdoor boiler and all of the headaches
that go with them. I had sent out some e-mails asking some questions and
for some advice on what set up would work the best for me, and I found the
best volume of information out there with Scott of Hopsco Energy!
Scott runs the kind of company that is truly geared to the customer! All
of my phone calls were returned very quickly, and the answers to my
questions were precise and detailed, and I never felt pressured in the
least! As for the product, I purchased the E-1000, and I must say, I am
quite impressed with it! This unit is built to withstand the test of time,
and the amount of heat that it produces is astounding! The best part of
all is that there is no water to freeze up, so if I decide to spend some
time away from home this winter, all I have to do is let it burn out so
that my central heat will take over, and it will be ready for me when I
return! This is a 5-star product from a 5-star company, and if you are
shopping for alternative heating sources, I highly recommend that you
start here!

James in Va

Now that I've used my furnace for a season and have just fired it up for this one, I can say I'm very much a believer. I KNOW it beats all the others I've seen around here.
-Brian P. Wakarusa, IN

Thanks Scott I will refer as many of my neighbors as I can to your company. They've already started asking questions. Very satisfied, and it works flawlessly I'm so glad I bought this and I'm spreading the word.
-Tom K.  Florence, KY

Hey, the furnace is working great. Alot of people are stopping to check it out. I have been giving them your web site address. My wife and I are completely satisfied with the furnace. Now I dont lay in bed at night and listen to the central heat unit run, and think there goes the power bill. Before I would turn the thermostat down to 67 and we all had electric blankets, but not anymore. It stays around 73-74 now, and my wife is loving it. I spent an hour or two, here and there sawing firewood while waiting for shipping. I have not put a dent in the wood pile yet. I also wanted to tell you about the light I added to the output on my thermostat. Now I can look at my thermostat and if the light is on the small blower is on. Well I guess I will talk to you later.
Thanks again

-Dustin G. Boaz, AL


The new design is outstanding. I am going to duct in to my existing duct work on Sunday providing the rain does not flood us out again.

I appreciate all the help you gave and the most outstanding customer service I have ever received. In the job I have, I deal with Vendors all over the world buying millions of dollars worth of product every year. I have never been treated as well as you did for me. I have nothing but praise for your company.

 Thanks again,

-Mark B. Danville, IL

    Scott I recently got my furnace installed and up and running.  Im now
 ready for colder weather.  I am really impressed with the amount of heat that
 comes from this unit. Also. I love the way it will shut down, to the point
 the coals are black and the door even cold and when the blower kicks on it
 will ignite. I hooked up to the end of trunk lines.
 Loving my new stove!

 - Leon M. Sheridan, IL

Affordable and it works great? I was concerned at first, but you made me a believer. Thanks for helping us pick the right one and especially for walking us through the install. Without your help we would still be paying for propane and not be near this warm.

Your Friends,

Mike and Tammy C.  Ohio City, Ohio

Thanks for all your help - John got thermostat wired in okay, furnace is working great. We're keeping cosily warm right now, with no trouble and very little wood.
Do you perhaps have some kind of sign advertising your furnaces, that we could put in our yard - the furnace is in front, in plain sight, and nosy people ought to know about it!

-Margaret P. Russel Springs, KY

Bob Beam high performance fabricator at www.Brutespeed.com posted his experience with his Hopsco V1500 for all to see. To see the installation and his comments please

Testimonials and Customer Letters

hey scott,

         i have to say I am extremly overly impressed with this wood stove! i have been burning from oct. 13 to now and it is jan 10th. i have just started on my 3rd cord of wood and this stove is above the expectaions i had, my house is 3600 sq ft and it is at a constant 75 degrees. here in nj it has dropped to -7 below 0 and the house stayed at 75 degrees. our home is three story including the basement and it is so warm this outdoor wood burner is outstanding. i really apperciate the advice with installing the stove. you are a great person to do buisness with and it was worth the drive out there to get it. great product and it is a fraction of the price compared to other outdoor wood stoves. and i also appreciate the military discount.

        Matt from NJ

Hello Scott,  
   Now that I've had some experience running my new stove, I thought I would send you an E-mail. Its everything you claim and more. We have had a few nights at zero or below, and the stove has kept us toasty warm. We have no problem holding a fire for 12 hours at night. It amazes me at how little wood it burns even when cold. Scott has answered all my questions about installing and operating the stove. Hopsco is a first rate company, with a first rate product!                                                    
Thank You, Lee H. in Wisconsin

WE LOVE THIS STOVE!!!! Its so nice to come home to a warm house! And the heat is constant...no cool down in between furnace cycles like you have with oil furnaces! And no more getting up in the middle of the night to put wood into an inside stove that isn't big enough to make it through the night! We are so pleased with this wood stove! Our family and friends cannot wait to come and see how this works! This week alone we have 4 coming to check it out!! Bill says Scott is the best! And they are always there to anwser our questions and help us at any time! Even when we freak out when we think we have a problem but don't !
Bill and Valerie S. in PA.

I have a complaint. The ODF2000 is heating more than its rated for!!! And a GOOD JOB TOO!! We have dropped into the 20's here & I have compared my notes with the other Guys I had . Loaded at 7 last night still going strong at 5:30 this morning!!! This is an honest & documented statement--- IT WOULD TAKE 3 OF THE LIL HOUSE HEATERS TO DO THE SAME JOB!!! Thanks for the help you have given me & if anyone needs help deciding give them my e-mail or number. I will help any company that can put out a product that goes beyond what it is claimed to do. It seems good to buy something, that actually is worth every penny!!!


Thank You, we just got everything installed and so far everything works great. It will be perfect this winter and with our first child due in January, we need a warm house! Thanks

Amanda M. in Kansas

Hi Scott I just wanted to shoot you off a quick email.  I had been researching alternative heating options for about two years.  As fuel oil prices continued to rise I knew I needed to do something different.  There were plenty of local options around here from heat pumps to outside boilers, to pellet stoves etc.  I did a lot of online research as well.  I came across your website and was intrigued.  I also looked at all of the other forced air outdoor systems out there, Lil House Heater,  Fire Chief,  American Stove Company, etc. I looked and researched my tail off (I don't spend $3200 bucks lightly as we just don't have that kind of money to throw around.  While your stove was not the cheapest out there, I kept coming back to it time and time again. All too often the cheapest is not the necessarily best  option and I understood that.  It just looked very easy to install and right for my application. The most well built, and it looked nice. I didn't want this big ugly thing sitting outside my house! The gable roof makes it look nicer in my opinion.  The fact that it was made in the USA by local people doing local jobs in a town in Ohio made me feel good ( very rare anymore). Very seldom do you come across a product that lives up to the hype it is advertised with once you get it, and start using it, all too often you are disappointed. Now I have only had your stove hooked up for a week but it so far it has done exactly what you said it would do, it keeps my house a comfortable 70 degrees with the temps outside dipping into the lower 20's at night already and the wind howling. I get up in the morning to check the stove an am pleasantly surprised to find a lot of hot coals if not partly burned logs left, just great. 

So, sorry to ramble just wanted to let you know as I am sure you do it is a great product for the money and despite the awful shipping nightmare I had to deal with, I am really glad I decided to finally dive in and buy it.  They say silence is golden and let me tell you the sound of my fuel oil burner not running absolutely golden to me!  

Thanks Jim H. Fennimore WI. 


Hello, I just wanted to say thank you again for the furnace, it arrived today about noon ,it looks great! its perfect! I was dreading another winter with my old woodstove, and electric furnace, Im sure this one will heat our house just fine, without ever even needing the old electric furnace, this is exactly what I was looking for, a well built outdoor wood furnace, without all the hassle of a boiler, and a at a fair price, Im 100% Satisfied with this one, and will send everybody I know looking to heat with wood your way.
                          THANKS AGAIN!  Mike & Yvonne (Indiana)

Hey- Name is Annette Dodson, I own Nets Country Store, I bought a wood stove from Scott through a friend. It has been a lifesaver on my gas bill. I appreciate so much you helping with the cost of the unit.

Thanks again,


Dear Scott & Hope

I really want to thank you for all your help with the stove.

D. Kneisler KS.

Thank you for all your help on the wood stove. If you need anything, call me anytime.

M. Lafollette OH


It was nice speaking with you again today. Your willingness to work with me financially to help me purchase a stove impressed me as much as your product. I'm sure I made the right choice now.

Thanks again! J. Simmons


Let me start by saying that this company would have to get a 20 on a scale from 1 to 10 for customer service.  I talked to Scott a couple of times on the installation process and working out some kinks.  This would be from my lack of knowledge of using a wood stove or furnace.  I cannot stress how much help a Scott was, and not to mention being on call every waking minute.  I had an average electric bill of $80 in the summer and it would jump up to $300 to $400 dollars in the winter, depending on the temperature.  My central heat and air guy said it was because the use of electricity to heat the coils of my central heat and air unit.   I have not received my electric bill since I have installed my new Hopsco Energy wood furnace, but I will post again to let you know how much it has dropped and saved us.  Scott thanks for all your help and for the great product.



S  Stone, KY

I just wanted to tell you that we our very happy with our furnace (1500 model) that we have purchased from you. We had no problems installing the unit. I done all the work myself within a very short time. Sure beats running water lines for a water boiler furnace. I know we will be nice and warm all winter long. You have been very helpful answering any questions that I have had getting right back to me with advise or and a answer. Thank you for a wonderful heating system. Here are a few picture of the unit installed.
Saturday I added heat duct to two more rooms and a ceiling heat vent in the basement. the hole house was very nice and warm last night.
D. Smith